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"No sound, no cry, no words can ever be heard without listening."

"Thanks Mindi. I just wanted to let you know that B has been in touch to thank us for the support. He said he really felt your sessions helped and to pass on how grateful he was so a big thank you to you!"

R.L Dorset

"I have now completed six weeks of counselling with Mindi, I found this service to be hugely valuable in helping me to refocus and talk about several tragic events which had happen to me over this year, I was able to return back to work after having six weeks sick. I was a mess in the first two sessions, but after that, with Mindi's excellent counselling skills I was able to make sense of a things. I believe if your service had not been available, I would have been off work a great deal longer."


"I could not have got through the last year without you, thank you."

KY adult

"I think counselling is for explaining anger, and making you realise what anger is and how to deal with it. It allows you to get things off your chest and talk about them confidentially. Counselling has helped me a great deal and now I am a changed person."

J adult

"I think Mindi helped me to become the real me."

F aged 14 yrs

"Counselling helps me because when I talk to Mindi about my feelings, I feel better, I get them out of my system and leave them behind."

S aged 15 yrs

"I was doin’ a lot of drugs, now I can talk about my feelings and I don’t bottle things up. Since talkin’ to Mindi I have realised there are people who can help."

K aged 14 yrs

"Counselling helps me loads with my anger. Before counselling I was mental at everyone and anyone but counselling helped me to stop that and counselling is not just for people that are crazy."

L aged 15 yrs

"I would be lost without her hot chocolate and cake in the morning! Mindi has helped me with my temper and I plan to carry on with this."

J aged 13 yrs

"I wanted to see Mindi because I was getting bullied at school and Mindi has helped a lot so if you need help ask Mindi she is the one to talk to and she will help you a lot."

R aged 15 yrs

"I have been amazed by Mindi’s ability and her natural intuition and ability to heal."

SD adult

"Counselling helps me talk to someone who is not involved in my everyday life, it helps you to move on to a better life and teaches you how to handle things in life."

S aged 14 yrs

Using counselling with Bach Flower Remedies

"After only two weeks I feel more relaxed and confident."

AY adult (previously suffering from panic attacks and stress)

"I had lost my joie de vivre and usual energy. I couldn’t believe the difference I felt. I am now back on track again feeling positive and motivated and able to deal with everything."

S adult