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Do you suffer with poor health, an on-going health issue or embarrassing illness?

I am passionate about offering support for people who suffer with poor health, a newly diagnosed issue or an embarrassing illness. I have been a sufferer of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since I was 17 years old following emergency surgery for a twisted small intestine. Later, I developed Celiac disease, I know quite a lot about bowels and coping with an illness in daily life! My life has to revolve around managing the conditions and symptoms that present.

I have learned so much about my body, complementary medicine, empathy and how to help myself and be more in control of my life.

Having a condition such as IBD or IBS is not something that gets talked about, probably even less than bowel cancer. As this is still a taboo subject I have decided to open up some discussion and offer support to people living with these conditions. I can offer support, empathy and understanding. I might have some coping strategies to share that you haven't tried yet. I hope you will be able to let go of being embarrassed and to talk freely about your illness, pain and discomfort. Together, we can make the subject less taboo.

The anxiety of having an unpredictable diarrhoea attack follows suffers wherever they go. This is true for anyone suffering with IBD or IBS. Running simple errands for sufferers can quickly turn into feeling like running a gauntlet. The stress of always having to know where the next toilet is together with debilitating pain is immense.

The taboo nature of these symptoms can affect friendships; refusing many invitations for fear of a bad day and embarrassing situations. The stigma attached to these conditions often leads to acute anxiety on a daily basis and can lead to depression for many people.

Even a visit to the supermarket is not simple for some. With the best will in the world the person may feel ready to shop and then suddenly... palms break out in a sweat, heart pounds, head spins, anxiety attack as the cramps start, search for a loo or a way out.

That person's world can shrink into what they feel safe to do, living in a constant state of anxiety when away from home. These conditions can dictate what and when suffers eat and drink, what they wear, what career they choose.

So what helps?

A few examples of the things that I have found help me:

Various complementary treatments can be really helpful too: Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Mindfulness. Sometimes it's just about finding who and what works for you as we are all different.

My wish is to raise awareness of IBD & IBS and make it easier for people to talk about and to get access to toilets without embarrassment.

It is my wish to help people suffering with any long term illness not just bowel issues. I have a lot of experience in bowel related illness and although counsellors are advised not to self disclose I know from personal experience that talking to a person who has walked the walk can make it a more relaxing, helpful and less embarrassing experience.

Please contact me if you would like a brief chat before booking an appointment .