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I have recently qualified as a Mother-Daughter Counsellor, this has been an exiting and useful tool to add to my skills and I am loving using my new skills.

What is Mother-Daughter Therapy/Coaching?

  1. Teaches women how to uncover what is really going on between mothers and daughters. It explains the mother-daughter relationship from a socio- cultural perspective, uncovering the underlying themes and issues that contribute to mother-daughter relationship conflict, as well as the generational beliefs and patterns that are being passed down from mother to daughter.
  2. Describes how underneath all mother-daughter conflict, lies the need for mothers and daughters to feel heard, understood, emotionally supported, and free to make their own decisions. And that in families and societies where women aren’t listened to, or emotionally supported, mothers and daughters are set up for conflict. When women aren’t heard, mothers and daughters fight over who gets to be heard. When women’s emotional needs aren’t met, mothers and daughters fight over whose needs get to be met. And when sexist gender roles restrict women’s lives, mothers and daughters fight over their lack of freedom.
  3. Awakens women to the necessity of meeting their emotional needs. Women’s emotional needs are central to women’s ability to know what is true for them, their rights as people, and being heard and visible in all their relationships.
  4. Teaches women how to emotionally empower themselves and connect the dots between their emotional silence and emotional starvation, as I call it, and issues like low self-worth, eating disorders, depression and anxiety, abuse and violence, and mother-daughter relationship conflict.
  5. Uses Mother-Daughter History Mapping as its diagnostic exercise that maps out what has happened in the lives of the three primary women in the family - the daughter, mother, and grandmother. The exercise focuses on whether women are heard or silenced, emotionally supported or emotionally neglected, and the emotional and relationship impact of sexist gender roles. It answers questions about why women struggle with certain emotional, relationship, or career issues, and mother- daughter relationship problems. And it provides women with a roadmap for emotional empowerment and generational change.
The Mother-Daughter Attachment Model is effective for:
  1. Individual and mother-daughter couple therapy/coaching, both in-person and online.
  2. Teaching mothers and daughters how to listen to themselves and each other.
  3. Teaching mothers and daughters how to meet their emotional needs and create strong, emotionally connected relationships.
  4. Creating a roadmap for emotional empowerment and generational change.
Mother-Daughter Certified